What Chennaites settled in Bangalore miss 20/07/2012

I know comparisons are odious  but  the couple sitting at the next table in the restaurant  we visited  in Bangalore  has prompted me to write  about food  once again . Chennai or Bangalore, the scene is familiar where you see  families eating out  more and more than before and also discussing food they tried  at various joints. Over conversation with the couple I was surprised to learn  they had traveled a long  distance   from where they lived just to have breakfast at this particular  restaurant.

‘This is the only place in Bangalore which offers  a good breakfast spread’, contended  the elderly lady and her husband  nodded in agreement. ‘Whereas  in Chennai  we have several  outlets of Saravana  Bhavan,  she  added  and I  thought  her observation  was absolutely right. Coming to think of it, I feel Bangaloreans  have very little choice with  no branches of reputed hotels  spread through out the city unlike in Chennai  where we can make a dash to the nearest  outlet  to where we live, thus saving on time and fuel in reaching the place.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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