Two interesting events held at CPRCC 10/09/2012

The first, Devan Memorial Lecture delivered by Dr.Gowri Ramnarayan on  the 8th. captivated the audience  throughout the one hour she  spoke  on Kalki –his ideas and ideologies. She   took us on a journey through Kalki’s  life  and his works which captured  and touched the hearts of Tamil readers. She interspersed her talk with a few songs and quotes  from   the author’s  works  which were  mostly of  historical nature.

Prior to the meeting even as the members  were absorbed in having high tea that was being served, suddenly their attention was diverted  towards the reception  with people screaming  and shouting. One of the members who came up by the elevator  got out by drawing open  the grill door and had the presence of mind to jump  back into the elevator   when he found the glass door  in front didn’t open and the elevator  was suddenly on its slow descent  as someone on the ground floor pressed the button. The gentleman was totally rattled  and we   were  too scared even  to   imagine  the consequences if he hadn’t  the presence of mind to jump back into the Lift.

We all felt it was high time the director  of the Centre showed some concern and  ensured  safety of people using the Lift which  appears fit to carry goods and not humans.

The second event  was launch of  Kalki’s book, ‘Sivakamiyin Sapatham’ translated by Pavithra Srinivasan  and published by Helios Books.  Mr.Ashokamitran, renowned  Tamil literary author who was the chief guest  took us back to the days of  Kalki’s writings in  the Tamil magazine, Anandavikatan  and  his starting of the magazine Kalki  and  spoke  about reactions of  his contemporaries to his works. In a lighter vein he said  while answering a question from the audience that English translations  unlike  original  writings in English  did not find favour with international readers  as his experience had  proved.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Two interesting events held at CPRCC 10/09/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    When I first heard about the mishap, I thought… podium collapsed…speaker didn’t turn up…some one swooned after eating the food.. you see, I have a fertile imagination! Anyway, beware that another death trap is planned for this week!!

    Sorry to have missed Gowri’s lecture on Kalki.

    1. Haven’t still heard anyone swooning after the tea served at MBC, irrespective of the venue or heard of other minor mishaps you imagined but I hope and pray the recent alarming one is going to be the first and the LAST in the history of MBC. Wish the director of CPRCC visits my BLOG and acts immediately to set things right.

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