Two concerts 28/12/2012

I attended  concerts of Pantula Rama and  Malladi brothers last evening and  found myself amidst very knowledgeable audience who were exchanging notes on their performance. For some it was the first time listening to the former which  seemed to have been based on the impression conveyed   by their friends who heard her. I always admired  her mellifluous voice and the effortless rendering of songs immersing herself fully into them. Her husband, Mr.Murthy’s  able support on the violin  added  to her  brilliant performance.

It was the first time I was listening to Malladi brothers and  their music I found  appeals even to some one who is not much acquainted with  the nuances of carnatic music. The  duo’s  voice  is  pleasing to the ear and so is their stage presence  and  etiquette. Only wished  the concerts included some songs from Purandara dasa.


n.meera raghavenda rao 


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