The Violin Trio excel 26/12/2012

Can you expect anything  but excellence  from  the violin trio’s concert  especially if the 80 plus young Sangita  kalanidhi T.N.Krishnan  completely immerses himself in the art  even as he maintains his joie de verve throughout the performance? It was a  perfect  co ordination and synchronization among the performers besides an  inclusion of relevant items suiting the occasion. Just before they played  the Christmas number Sri T.N.Krishnan  greeted the  audience and  the latter joined tapping their feet and clapping their hands while the  fast paced song was being played. They were treated  to another western song which followed  a carnatic item.

I was glad my favourite  pancha ratna keerthana of Thyagaraja ‘endharo mahanu bhavulu’ was chosen to be played  in the concert.

Younger artistes of today should  take a lesson or two from Sangita kalanidhi T.N.Krishnan  about  stage presence and the way he inspires and acknowledges his accompanists’ performance.

n.meera raghavendra rao     


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