The F’ TAG 21/12/2012

The music season has started with a bang and the  newspapers are full of   reviews of  performances of well known, little known and unknown artistes. Some  critics have expressed their candid opinion without mincing words as to how  young artistes, especially NRI’s  want  to reach  the top  in their profession within a short time  without labouring   to acquire the standard  or quality that is required in their field. A performance  or two in  one of the mushrooming sabhas  might make them qualify as Singers  but certainly not  as artistes or musicians like their seniors who have taken years of  hard work  to reach the top. Just as a lark does not a summer make, a single performance  by an NRI  with an F’ Tag (especially those  from the U.S.)  in their home town  does not make them  artistes!



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