The Diwali shopping hub of Chennaiites 15/11/2012

The spirits of Chennaiites  always light   up much before the festival of Lights  dawns  as  they  make  a beeline to the  shopping hub, which still remains T.Nagar. For the first time  I along with my husband ventured  stepping  into this much crowded  ‘Manchester of Madras’ more to get  an insight into the mind of   women and  the basis on which they decide  buying sarees  for the occasion.

I for one always hesitated to  enter Pothys, not being adventurous enough to brave the crowds from all over the  world  that  patronize the Shop. Therefore, when  their  new 12 storied complex opened recently, we jumped at the opportunity of  checking it out. We were totally  taken by surprise finding   people commuting  through  escalators and  soon joined them  getting on and  getting off  each floor. While  I was  looking around at the collection, my husband  preferred to sit and watch what was happening around  and  was amused  at what he saw  and heard. It appeared an elderly gentleman took the seat beside him even as he was  keeping an eye  on his little grand daughter who was running excitedly all over the place and  warning her not to go out of his sight. Quite irritated  at frequently being admonished, she said in Tamil, ‘look at that thatha, he is so well behaved sitting  quietly, unlike you. You keep on saying, don’t go there, don’t touch the sarees.’

We next  headed to Nallis and Kumarans expecting  to be jostled by  large crowds but  were quite disappointed at what we saw. On our way back,we noticed  there were milling crowds at Pothys (old), Saravana Stores and  RMKV  and  felt these had their loyalists irrespective of  the appearance of   new  and posh  outlets. The reason perhaps is also the wide  choice  that was available combined by a reasonable price charged  compared to the rest of the shops situated in the area. When  I  expressed  this to the auto driver, he said, ‘yes, amma, lot of  women visited the new Pothys but preferred  shopping at the old one.’


n.meera raghavendra rao

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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