The 5 Star Book launches/conversations/interactions 10/11/2012

Book launches/releases  are going 5 Star  these days in Chennai  and some of them are taking the format  of conversations/interactions with the author. Most of the events are followed by cocktails which have no interest to teetotalers like some of us whose  attraction is to the book as well as an  insight into the author’s mind, which again depends a lot on with whom he/she is in conversation with. It is not a tall order to expect  both to be equally articulate to keep the conversation informative, lively and interesting to the  audience. Even if one of them is not so, the event is likely to fall flat like a deflated balloon.

The venue chosen for the events may not match  the kind of book that is written, for instance a book focusing on the impoverished people of India launched at a posh hotel  appears a little ironical  and serving cocktails makes it worse especially if  the organizers  don’t make it mandatory that only people with invitations should attend. There have been instances where some people turn up just to clear the bowl of nuts that accompany  their drinks and  clear out the moment they are done, that is if cocktails precede the event! There are a few others who sit through silently sipping their drink but not so while  munching the variety of nuts served.

I wonder  why the hosts cannot defer  serving  cocktails, (if they must) till the literary part is over leaving  genuinely interested  audience to concentrate on  the book being discussed.


n.meera raghavendra rao     


One thought on “The 5 Star Book launches/conversations/interactions 10/11/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    S. Muthiah used to say that Madras Book Club first started in staff canteens. Maybe we should go back to the canteen, so that only book lovers will attend. The canteen tea will discourage others from attending!

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