Satchels or suitcases?17/08/2012

While on my morning walk, I noticed a young lady dragging her trolley bag with considerable difficulty. Thinking she was bound for outward travel I  expected her to hail an auto rickshaw  to reach  the central station  in order to catch the train but I  soon  realized  it was not so when I  saw a slip of a boy in tow. Soon the School bus seemed to appear from nowhere and coming to a halt where the two were standing. The mother drew the handle in, lifted the mini suit case  and deposited it  inside the bus after which she did the same with her son.

The scene reminded me of Shakespeare’s poem, ‘The seven stages of man’ where he talks of  ‘the whining schoolboy with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school.’ The lines in the present scenario should read as follows:

‘the  diffident  school boy with his mini suit case

And  sleepy  morning face, following like  tortoise

Reluctantly to school.’

I  was  left wondering that a day may not be too far off when these ‘small’ suit cases give place to larger ones to accommodate  books, not for specific subjects handled in a day  but enough to cover the entire academic year!  My sympathies are for  the tiny beasts of burden.


n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Satchels or suitcases?17/08/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    In good schools (Both of my kids studied at The School – KFI, Chennai), each student is given a locker wherein he keeps all books & notebooks and takes home only those which are required for doing the homework. So the shakespeare’s satchel will suffice for the present also. But then if they have to carry big heavy bags, William S. would have thought that the kids are being given army training by lugging heavy haversacks/ backpacks for muscle building !!

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