Return of the Epithet 20/09/2012

The other day I was reading  in a couple of newspapers about  Book stores stocking all kinds of gift  items occupying space  and how the salesmen were not able to help customers locate books they  had asked for. In the prevailing situation  these book stores should  say  ‘books are also available’  was the tongue in cheek conclusion of the writers. Perhaps the scenario is no different in other cities as well. However the  redeeming  feature is the existence of a few Book stores  in Chennai which may not be large ones but still stock only books and the sales persons  readily  come to your assistance to locate  books on different subjects.

The other day we had a  ‘bhajan’group  comprising   a dozen people perform at our place   at the  end of which  they  all had dinner. We had  ordered  for catering  with the menu consisting  of  various items topping with a dessert, considered a delicacy which involved  laborious preparation. On my part I had  prepared coconut chutney  as an added  side dish. To my surprise they all lapped it up with such relish wanting a second and third helping  with the result it was all over in a jiffy.

While  departing they all thanked me profusely going into raptures about my coconut chutney (some men even asked for the recipe) and said they will refer to me  as a ‘chutney specialist’ in future.

Well, some time ago I had written in my post  how I had earned the epithet  ‘chutney mami’ and  the epithet appears to have returned, however with a slight modification. Similar to the case of  Book Stores, probably they will   say, ‘chutney specialist is also an author’!

n.meera raghavendra rao 


4 thoughts on “Return of the Epithet 20/09/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    This reminds of a story about Tata Steel. Among the many philanthropic activities they support, they once singled out the development of a model village and had given a four-column Advt. about it. At the end of the Advt., in small letters, it was written: “We also make steel”!

    That is OK, Mami, when do I get to taste your chutney?!

    1. Mamis don’t make good chutneys for your information. They might be good at preparing everything else fit for consumption excepting chutneys and curries .This was the opinion expressed by Bangalorians and Chennaites who have tasted my chutneys and curries.

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Meera madam might allow you to taste her chutneys & curries if invited to her house but then if you ask for the recipe, she might change the subject. No cook, whether amateur or professional specializing in a dish would like to reveal the recipe. Or else MTR wouldn’t be MTR anymore. Regarding the “We also make steel” I wonder if it could be a self-effacing pseudo-modesty ?!

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