Pleasures/surprises of reconnecting with relatives 21/12/2012

My husband and I eagerly entered  the Wedding Hall  looking for a familiar face among our relatives but found no one remotely resembling any of them. For a minute we thought we had  walked into the wrong venue and decided  to stand in the gap  between two rows of chairs in order to attract attention and lo and behold, before we could realize one of my husband’s cousins came rushing towards us, and addressing him as ‘Anna’ and me as ‘vahini’ bent down to touch our feet. We felt  absolutely touched at his gesture and soon  found a host of other close relatives joining him and  following suit. We  were overwhelmed  at   meeting all of them and immediately began  our mutual  updating and catching up  with  some amusing moments and experiences thrown in  as it happens when you meet people after a long absence.

Some  among the male relatives complimented us on our appearance saying we have not changed at all  whereas  an elderly aunt was very apologetic for not able to place me because  I had changed beyond recognition! The sight of  young girls dressed in silk lehengas prancing around and women in  choicest silks and decked in elegant jewellery  taking care of the guests was indeed  a pleasure.The wedding feast included, ‘mandige’a delicacy  of Karnataka and a rarity  in Chennai.

The joy of reconnecting with close relatives is an experience of a lifetime  which everyone should have.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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