Opinion of women 25/12/2012

I happened to listen to a talk on Saint Thyagaraja, the venue expectedly was overflowing with the younger in the audience  sitting on the stage listening to the nearly 75 minute presentation with rapt attention. Everyone including non music lovers  are  acquainted  with the Saint’s life (the little that is recorded) and works but the speaker brought out  aspects  which  are not so well known. For instance he said Thyagaraja was a woman hater as was evident from his keerthana, ‘entha neidchina, entha choochina—kantha dasule’ and had married a second time when his first wife died  when he was 25 years  and  had an only son. Also that the  pancha rathna krithi ‘endharo mahanubhavulu’ is debated whether it  was the saint’s composition for lack of  its mention by his biographers.

Probably, it’s a fact that opinion of women -good, bad or ugly is formed depending  upon the experience men have had  with them, (read spouse) but what  surprises me is even in this 21st. century   men’s attitude towards their spouses remains the same as the former  continue  to expect  submissiveness irrespective of their own   highhandedness.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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