Launch of two web sites 02/07/2012

PACT, an  acronym for  Pappus Academic and Cultural Trust, launched  two web sites which were conceived, authored and presented by Dr.Jaya Venugopal, an educationalist and cultural ambassador with two doctoral degrees. is the first ever Storypedia  in English for all ages covering Indian, Spiritual, Historical and Cultural  stories. The  web site is a gift to her husband  on his 64th. birthday  said Dr. Jaya. Her 45 minute presentation  supported by visuals made most of us  realize to what extent we  were ignorant of  our own history and culture. She said  she  deliberately avoided  the use  of ‘mythological’  because  it would  imply anything that is not real. She believed in telling stories to her grand children who were all ears and wanted more and more of them whenever she visited  them in Hong kong    and theU.S. She  would ask her mother-in-law  to relate a story a day to her grand children and  at times when she ran out of her fund of stories, would ask her to read them out from Cnandamama, the children’s magazine.

The second  web site  was on Corporate skills which encompassed the basics and the higher skills for executives.

The event was followed  by  dinner, a mix of high tea capped with   putha rekulu, a delicacy from Andhra which was a welcome change from the conventional rice based dishes.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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