Innovative ways of Thieving 03/10/2012

I thought  innovation  was a   buzz word  only  in corporate circles  but a recent incident  where my maid was a victim showed it  extends to the art of stealing as well. I have heard  of Biscuit thieves where passengers on a train are lured into sharing  medicine laced biscuits which put them to sleep while the culprits manage to steal what ever they could lay their hands on. The recent  trend in Chennai  is strangers accosting  you pretending to be your long lost relatives or acquaintances, and  literally beseeching you to accompany them. My  maid fell into this trap and  was relieved of her gold nose stud, which all  seemed to have happened  without her knowledge. It was not a biscuit  the thief had offered  her but  used some kind of ‘powder’ to make her drowsy  and follow him in order to  help himself. All this occurred in broad day light  when she was on her way to work.

If she had refused to part with the jewel, probably he would have harmed her, was how  she consoled herself.


n.meera raghavendra rao   


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