Impressive Harikatha B. Suchitra at Music Academy 10/01/2012

Harikatha is a genre by itself  which requires  a special talent  in the  narration of the story and delineation  of the characters which are brought alive by the exponent and Suchitra  did exactly that during her prograame  in December at the Music Academy. She  made it  interesting by relating  the incidents  to our day to day life and breaking into a song whenever she thought it was necessary.

Her discourse  was on   “Badrachala Ramadass”, an  ardent devotee of Lord Rama and her narration  of the former’s life history was interspersed with songs on Sri Rama and Lord Hanuman (Her asset is her beautiful voice which is coupled  with her good expression, she used both very effectively).  One who chants Rama’s name with faith, he or she can be sure that the Lord will expel six enemies of mankind such askama, krodha, moha, madha, vatsalya  and loba.

She elaborated on  the two important words   ‘OM’ and ‘RAMA’  saying OM becomes a prefix to most of the names of God   But  it is not so  in the name of Rama   because Rama’s name itself is powerful.

She said   Ramadoss had not undergone  either a course on soft skills or in  marketing  to persuade his uncles to provide funds for performing

Suchitra Balasubramanian

RAMANAVAMI celebrations. She explained the essence of some of the songs sung by Ramadass on Lord Rama.

Suchitra displayed a great presence of mind while introducing her accompanists when she said  she  was surrounded by Rama  since their names  either began  or ended with Rama.

Harikatha impresses on mankind its  closeness to  God  besides  suggesting  all the possible ways in which a man or woman can approach and realize God. She reiterated the value of chanting Rama Nama  which  was evident from Bhaktha Ramdasas’s life. It would also help in removing negative thoughts from our mind, she emphasized.

I feel such discourses should be attended by today’s youngsters who might be motivated to pursue this  genre of  art  along with their  academics because  right now there  aren’t  many  on the Chennai scene.

n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “Impressive Harikatha B. Suchitra at Music Academy 10/01/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    Generally Harikathas are not my cup of tea. However, recently I heard Visaka Hari doing Sabari Moksham on TV. She has her own way of paraphrasing an event in a popular way. For example, Sabari brought flowers for Lord Rama from a nearby river. VH said that Rama asked her whether she brought the flowers from her backyard and whether she had a servant to help her in plucking the flowers!

    The way VH was constantly adjusting her nine yard saree during the discourse was a distraction!

  2. V.Neelakantan

    Recently, We have attended all the three days of her programe in Ayodya Madapam at West Mambalam. She is having an excellent talent and proved she is a grand daughter of Smt Kamalamurthy by way of her presentations.


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