Futile effort? 30/10/2012

The other day I attended  an event  organized by  Indian American Association  to meet and interact with a group of American students and coordinators of Davidson Liberal Arts College  doing a ‘semester in India’ program as part of Asian Studies. They all not only  turned up in saris and matching blouses  but  appeared to manage the six yards of material   as to the manner born! When asked from where they could pick up ready made blouses, they mentioned ‘Pothys’, in T.Nagar (this was news to me) going gaga gaga about the store. One of them said they all decided to wear saris befitting the occasion (in preference to western dresses) as is the custom among south Indians. I could  appreciate their sentiment but couldn’t help thinking of the contrast  some of us present, irrespective of the occasion. A  couple of my relatives  were clad in Salwar Kamiz  during  religious occasions and  similar celebrations saying  saris are cumbersome and  difficult to manage!

On the one hand we have  popular cloth stores trying their best to target  young women (on the assumption older women wear only saris) into wearing saris by introducing innovative dezigns on mixed fabrics  accompanied by an apology for blouses  and on the other we find the not so young and middle aged abandoning the elegant sari in preference to the North Indian attire. Where is the balance, I wonder?


n.meera raghavendra rao


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