Events over the last week 31/07/2012

The  last week has seen a mix of  disparate  events: a book release, beginning of festivities with the advent of Sravan, a  family get- together   and  the week  culminating with    an  address to interns  who were undergoing their internship with the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women (A Govt. of Tamil Nadu Undertaking ). The sessions were organized  by  UNICEF at   State Institute of Rural Development ( SIRD)  situated  near Marimalainagar.

Thirumurthi’s book  ‘Chennai vasi’ was released to a packed audience comprising who’s who of Chennai, particularly from the Sports field (perhaps it is because the  diplomat/author being the son-in-law of  a  former Tennis player) .The event was enlivened  with the ‘poetic’ and humourous  rendering  by Gopal Krishna Gandhi (the chief guest) of the civic scene in and around where he  lived in Chennai  which was followed by the  author reading  the first chapter of his book, all to do with a visit to a Nadi joshyar who gives an accurate picture of the client’s past and when she wishes to know what the future has in store for her, leaves her question unanswered!

The advent of  Sravan for the Telugu and Kannada community means the commencement of festivities, the foremost  being the performance of  Sri VaraMaha Lakshmi Puja performed with  religious fervour in their homes. The  morning comprises  the religious part of  puja followed by an elaborate  festive lunch and the evening  relatives and friends are invited for Haldi kum kum  to celebrate the occasion.

Time for the NRI’s  to  visit Chennai and congregate  at a convenient place for a get together hosted by  their close relatives —which means again feasting and  talking endlessly catching up with everything that has happened  from their last visit!

In contrast  to the above was my session   with a bunch of  interns from WCC  and Madras University which  I found very enjoyable though it meant traveling a distance of  a total of  96 kilometres  to and from the venue of the workshop. Just to break the ice I left the participants to  find an answer to their question regarding  the region I hailed from and it was amusing  to hear their answers which ranged from –Malayali, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati and what not. I said  my name was pan Indian and  my husband’s was South Indian and they all looked perplexed. Subsequently my pp presentation on Feature Writing  invited some pertinent questions and when I thought I was done, there was one question that I did not answer, they all echoed, which was that  I have not told them anything about myself!

n.meera raghavendra rao


One thought on “Events over the last week 31/07/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Hectic week for you. Reg. the last event, since you were educated in the East of the country, you can easily pass off as a Bihari or Bengali if you utter a few words in chaste Hindi or Bengali which you might know, but to be mistaken for a Gujju Moti Ben, you should be wearing an Ahmedabad cotton saree.

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