Auto rickshaws in the Garden city 10/02/2012

Having  been to Bangalore  recently, I noticed something about the auto drivers in this city compared to their peers in Chennai. If you think commuting becomes less of a hassle if you are familiar with the local language, you are mistaken because the drivers of the three wheelers are good at one thing, that is driving and driving you crazy. When you name your destination and  wait for  their reaction, you are met with silence and before you realize you find them speeding off. The more considerate ones ask you to get in and once you settle, plead their ignorance about the route they should take to reach your destination  and  you find yourself helpless  in the situation. Added to this is the chaotic traffic all times of the day excepting perhaps when the city sleeps. The redeeming feature however is the autos run by the meter where the minimum is rs.17/ unlike in Chennai where a minimum of rs.30 or rs.40 is demanded  for a distance of a quarter  kilometer. Notwithstanding this fact, I find  autos  in Chennai certainly have an edge  because it is much easier to step  in and step out of them  unlike the ones in Bangalore which appear more suitable to tall persons.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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