At it again!10/10/2012


Last evening’s ‘Mobile’ incident beats all, which I have never witnessed before. I have seen the heavy weights in society sitting in the front row in Star hotel  auditoriums either talking over their mobile or sending/viewing messages. Hats off to the  chief guest who tries his best  to concentrate on his address ignoring  the acts of the manner less.

Also I have seen   the  MC  requesting the audience to  switch off their mobiles or keep them in silent mode before the chief guest begins his speech  and we find the conscientious  taking the announcement seriously. But there are others who think or feel their incoming calls are more important  and they have to attend to them  no matter what  people sitting around  think of their bad manners.

But what I have not seen till now  is the chief guest himself  making an announcement  to this effect because just as he was about to begin his address a couple of mobiles had sprung into life. And the worst  part is the Chief Guest  happens to be a great Spiritual Leader!

Will these mobile users ever learn? I wonder.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “At it again!10/10/2012

    1. Well, it might happen with ordinary mortals who are invited as C.Gs. but not with Spiritual Gurus who as far as I know don’t believe in using mobiles. .Probably you were really preoccupied with something more important than going through my post on mobiles, that’s why the oversight

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