All my ‘brothers’ 15/05/2012


I’ve realized my list of ‘brothers’ has increased over the past few years and I am yet to understand the reason for this ‘phenomenon.’ My ‘brothers’ include men both younger and older than me which makes them treat me as an elder sister and a  younger sister as well. I  have  heard of Agony Aunts but strangely there are no ‘Agony Uncles’ to counsel all those youngsters who need  sane advice as to how to lead their lives without getting into scrapes. It only proves women are better counselors when it comes to relationships of all  kinds. This  inborn quality of women perhaps makes them score over men, thanks that they are one up at  least in one respect and men cannot complain about it!

Now coming to all my ‘brothers’ who are my ‘moo bole/ rakhi bhais’, I am happy that they take me into confidence and trust me with their inner most feelings and secrets, which normally doesn’t happen if  the confidante happens to be a journalist, that too a woman journalist! I am also overwhelmed at the affection they shower on me which only proves it is not necessary that one should be a  biological sibling  to become one’s brother or sister  in every sense.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


4 thoughts on “All my ‘brothers’ 15/05/2012

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    This is called “Agape Love” (Affectionate & Non-romantic kind) or “Platonic love” and is seen to happen between the genders, whether with siblings or with “adopted” brothers & sisters. In 16th century Rani Karnavati ( Queen Karnavati) of Chittor in Rajasthan when threatened by King Bahadur Shah of Gujarat sends a “rakhi” to the great Mughal Emperor Humayun , who abandoned an ongoing military campaign and went back to rescue Rani Karnavati.

    Ever since then the tying of a rakhi has become a festival in North India & signifies a sister asking her brother or adopted brother for his protection and love for her. This is for the info. of readers of this site who do not know about this. I myself have 2 Rakhi sisters, one younger & one older. It is nice that you have many Rakhi brothers.

    As for women being better counsellors, there is no doubt about it. Even women not trained in psychotherapy can effectively counsel others, because they have more empathy, more tolerance & more compassion than most men.

  2. I had written an interview based article on ‘Platonic friendship-is it a myth?’which was published in the Sunday Hindu magazine some years ago and I received a very appreciative feedback , one letter was from a reader as far as Kashmir.

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