A PP presentation of 3 E’S OF TRAVEL 01/08/2012

May is  Mother’s month  and close on its heels follows   Father’s month  and  incidentally June also  happens to be   the month my father was born  and  this year  is   his 100th Birth Anniversary.  I  was glad to have released my Coffee Table book to commemorate the occasion. Happy also  to say I had another opportunity  before the month was out to pay tribute to my dear father through  a pp presentation of  selected  photographs from my  book  to members  of IAA  and some guests.

After   Ms. Belgamvala  introduced me, I presented a copy of the book to the President of IAA, Mr.P. Murari, IAS (retd.). I began the programme by quizzing the audience about the  picture on the  cover page   and none of their guesses  were right. I  said it was not a picture of Ireland or New Zealand as they thought but the Loch Ard Gorge  on Great Ocean Road in Melbourne. I  added  that  it’s a picture to be preserved for posterity  because the gorge is said to be crumbling and losing its shape. It was heartening to notice   the audience were able to identify most of the photographs displayed from the foreign and Indian section  the book comprised. It was a pleasant evening with no mobiles ringing, the only sound heard was mild laughter  now and then  which  showed  the  active participation  of  the small group  present.


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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