9 to 5 ….26/09/2012

I  prepared  myself  for the day long powerless  situation in our area as announced in all the dailies. This  involved  getting up an hour earlier than usual to  reschedule  my routine  for the day.  First on my agenda was loading my washing machine and switching it on in order that there would be enough time for it to go about its job of three hours. Next was to prepare decoction in the electric coffee maker for our morning cup of coffee and  once again   for our second cup before the power went off. Then followed  grinding   dhal  and chutney in the mixie  for our evening  snack. Later  on the agenda  was  checking my mail, replying to some important ones   and   hurriedly writing  an  article for my Blog post  which  was  followed by breakfast  of bread toast  made in the electric toaster. Finally I  set rice  for lunch  in my electric rice cooker.

Flitting from  one room to another and gasping for breath at  multi  tasking  I looked at the clock  and   realized there were still ten minutes left for the power to be switched off for maintenance work. I  settled with  the day’s paper switching on the fan  expecting it to stop  any moment but  the moment never seemed to come. After more than half an hour I  ran my eyes  through  the column which  had announced the day’s schedule for power cut .There was no mistake as it clearly said  power will be switched off  for maintenance work  from 9 to 5 in parts of Eldams road.

Probably the part of the road where we live  was   missed ! was all that I could think of.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “9 to 5 ….26/09/2012

  1. V Raghavan

    This 9-to-5 business hit me in the reverse direction two days ago. I saw in the morning paper that a 9-to-5 is scheduled for next day in that area of north Madras where I go to do my work. The streets were mentioned in the news item. I didn’t find the name of the street where I do my work. I assumed that it is all clear for me. But by late afternoon, the technical assistant called me to tell that, according to local EB, there is a power shut down next day! I swung into action. Called the cook not to reschedule the time of her visit. Called the Driver Company to send the driver one day later. Fortunately, they agreed without any cancellation charges. Located a push cart to get veg/fruits for one day, as the “regular shopping after work” is now postponed by a day. Minor changes in the milk/curd management. Not being a multi-tasker, this kind of thing gets on my nerves.

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