Side lights of 3’S A CROWD 27/02/2012

When my husband and I walked into Taj Connemera  for the launch of Vijay Nagaswamy’s book, I found the author greeting everyone present addressing them by their name and admired his unusual memory for names and faces(a quality which I seem to be lacking). ‘Who is the third  you are referring to in your book? I said.

Haven’t you noticed  chairs  in the hall  have been arranged in twos, he replied. Only then I looked  around and found  it was a departure from the usual arrangement found at such events. Another departure was the arrangement on the stage—the podium was very much in  place but slightly  away  was a cute looking couch.

After the customary welcome and introduction to the book, the author invited a volunteer from the audience for an interaction which needless to say aroused the curiosity of everyone present. For a minute there was pin drop silence followed by  whispers amongst the gathering. Just then  I  found a dashing young man volunteering to interact on a forbidden subject, (so I thought in conservative Chennai)  the author chose to write on in his series on relationships. Vijay deals with ‘What’s wrong with infidelity’in his latest book titled 3’S A CROWD.

From the start the no holds  barred   discussion that took place  had many raised eyebrows  and a sense of shock, the candid  way  the participant  was dismissing  values in marriage as old fashioned  and  almost archaic in today’s society. ‘I believe in doing my thing and my wife in her thing, we don’t find anything wrong in it’, confessed he.

Doesn’t loyalty and fidelity in marriage  mean anything to you?  Asked Vijay appearing both  shocked  and bemused at the ‘casanova’s’ attitude towards marriage. ‘Is your wife present here?’ he asked next.

‘NO,’ said  the man shaking his head  most emphatically.

Are you sure?

Ofcourse, he said.

Just then all  heads turned  hearing a voice  coming from  one of the last  rows to see its owner .There  stood a beautiful and charming young lady who said, ‘here I am.’ The next moment the hall reverberated with loud guffaws and  the man who all along put up a brave front made a hasty retreat stating  he had nothing more to say.

When Vijay asked  the lady whether all that her husband had said was true, she said laughing, ‘he is not even capable of having an affair.’

The interaction that followed  with the audience was as lively  as the play acting  between the author  and the volunteer.

The questions ranged from whether platonic relationships were a myth in today’s society, whether women and men experienced the same amount of guilt  in extra marital relationships, whether one night stands also came under the category of infidelity and so on.


n.meera raghavendra rao



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