Bonding with ‘The Bond’ 21/11/2012

I attended the event  organized jointly by the CPREC and the  Madras Book Club  more  for the proximity of the venue and the  added attraction  was there was no hassle of climbing  two flights of steep stairs. The subject of the book had no particular appeal to me  as pets were my pet peeve. But  once the author, Wayne Pacelle  began his speech, we expected him to talk more about his book ‘The Bond’ as is the usual practice of authors  at Book club meetings but  he was pleasantly different. His passion and concern for animal  protection came through in every word he uttered  and it  was  a comfort that Indians contributed a great deal  towards this as most of us are  vegetarians compared to  people in the U.S.

During the interaction that followed, I chanced to  take a peep  into the book and  chose to read an excerpt  when I  proposed  a vote of thanks. It was a moving  tale of  a terrier that was rescued  and trained by a family and subsequently the faithful dog proved to be a savior of  their  young daughter who was prone to seizures.

I came back with a feeling that  bonding  with  ‘The Bond’ was really worth  one’s time.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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