Why Rajamundry? – Part II 08/02/2011

It was a short drive from the station to  Hotel Regency  which impressed us at the first sight. Its  ambiance  was beautiful  and in course of our stay we found  service by the hotel  staff  lent  that important personal touch to guests. Even as we checked in  the front office manager  suggested we grab a bite  as the closing time  for breakfast  was  nearing. The  wide  spread  comprising  both north Indian and South Indian  dishes was  absolutely delicious (not spicy as we expected  food in Andhra hotels to be).

Among the various tourist attractions Rajamundry boasted of,  a  day long  cruise to Papi Hills  was first on our itinerary. The journey by boat commenced from  Patti seema, a distance of 35 kilometres from our hotel. The  nearly five kilometer drive  through  the  Rail cum Road  bridge connecting   Rajamundry in East Godavari and Kovvuru in West Godavari  and the sight of the smoothly flowing river on either side   was simply awesome. ‘The bridge is the first of its kind in the whole of Asia,’ informed the driver with pride. Its structure reminded me of the Europa Brucke which passes  through   mountain ranges near Austria  and its sight  is still  etched in my memory. Both these bridges are marvels  considered  to be  an engineering feat.  My excitement ended  soon  when a bumpy drive started because of long stretches of bad road. The driver engaged us  throughout the 90 minute journey talking on everything  from corrupt  politicians, films, the site of their shooting, to media. He was quite scathing about  how media  had totally become commercial and  journalists, especially the tv channels were indulging in Paid news, not bothering to highlight   real issues and problems of  the common man. His analysis and knowledge of politics prevailing  in the State just   amazed us!                             …to be continued

n.meera raghavendra rao


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