Why Rajamundry? – Part I 07/02/2011

We are  going to Rajamundry  on a  three day   holiday, I announced  at a get together of  my close  friends and  relatives   little expecting their surprise  at  the choice of our destination. “What are you going to do there  for three  full  days, We are sure you will get bored’ they echoed.

Not one to be put off  by  the impression of  those who have visited  this cultural capital  of  Andhra, my husband and I  set out  on our over night journey  by the  Sarkar express, reaching  Rajamundry  at 9.30 a.m. I realized for the first time  how time flies if you are in the company of   co passengers who  not only  have  common  interests  but  display the same kind of enthusiasm to get to know  one another’s  work  and  share  their experience.One  of them, a gentleman  from Delhi  was an  education consultant  proceeding  to Bheemavaram and  another  was a  well known lady author/journalist traveling with her family. Sometimes the topic of conversation   draws people  to participate  in the exchange  between  individuals.  Interestingly   it was the husband of the lady  seated in the bay  area   who  happened to   overhear   my  mentioning    the  name of the composer  Tallapaka Annamacharya  in some context wherein he    informed   his wife  that  a subject close to her heart was being  discussed. She  immediately joined  us making the exchange  even  livelier and topics  discussed  more wide ranging. A couple seated  opposite were keenly  watching, their gaze turning alternately at the three  of us. I couldn’t  fathom  their reaction  as they were  silent all the  while we were engrossed in  our own world.  When   wishing good night  we were pleasantly surprised when they  said  they felt  happy   to have had  such  elite  company of learned people. ‘We  got to know a lot of things from your conversation’, they  beamed.

…..(to be continued)

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


One thought on “Why Rajamundry? – Part I 07/02/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    I did not know that Rajamundry was Andhra’s cultural capital. To most of us, it is just a station on the Chennai-Calcutta route. Look forward to hearing more.

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