World book day—why not Our Book Day?

William Shakespeare’s  birthday is being  celebrated as the world Book Day and children are asked to read books and  discuss what they have read with their peers and friends  to commemorate  the memory of this great poet and playwright. Coming to think of it we have our own Book Day  which also falls once a year during the festival of  Dushera  where  Saraswathi, Goddess of Learning  is worshipped  by all Hindus .Infact  though  all  of us are aware  that Friday is  devoted to  Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, not many   of us are aware   that a specific day of the week  is also devoted to the Goddess of Learning, which  is  Tuesday. I think it is the duty of  parents to   inform their children  about  the significance  of  Saraswathi  and that  worshipping  Her (not just once a year)   will  help in acquiring  knowledge and  the  wisdom  to use it.



2 thoughts on “World book day—why not Our Book Day?

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    ……”I think it is the duty of parents to inform their children about the significance of Saraswathi and that worshipping Her (not just once a year) will help in acquiring knowledge and the wisdom to use it.”

    It is very important for the parents to teach their children the fundamentals of our culture. I agree. I liked the phrase ‘not just once a year’. The reverence for the goddess of learning should be 24-7-52. Meaning that we should always be completely committed to learning, learning is a life-long process, learning should be an end in itself, which in turn means that marks & grades are not as important as our knowledge of the subject.

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