Dr. Sudha Seshayyan on a literary journey

Dr.Sudha Seshayyan  takes us on a literary journey

Dr.Sudha Seshayyan, a medical professor and  an academic, a prolific writer and an inspirational speaker –on radio and tv and at public platforms –on spiritual, scientific and social topics  had the audience spell bound  for a full 90 minutes  with her lecture on ‘The Expanse  of Tamil Literature from the Remote Past to the Recent Past.’’ The  speaker  broadly classified  the history of Tamil literature into three periods—-Ancient period, Medieval period, Modern and New modern period .

Under the  Ancient period  she dealt with  Sangam Literature –B.C.500  to  200 A.D.; Didactic period or period of ethical literature—100to 300A.D.-Thirukural and other neethi  noolgal  and Old Epic period –200 to 5ooA.D.—Silappadhikaaram and others.

She  divided   Medieval period  into

1.Bhakthi period or  period of spiritual literature  —600to900A.D.—naayanmaar-s and aazhwaar-s—nandhikalambagam.

2. New epic period of kaappiyangaL—850 to 1200 A.D.—latter lot of perunkkaappiyangaL—perunkathai-grammatical works—emergence ofminor literary works.

3. Urai period or period of commentators—1200t0 1500A.D.

Modern period she said  was a  period  of minor literary works —Christian and Islamic Tamil literature—growth of prose literature –more commentaries –modernized drama.

The speaker concluded with mention of New Modern period and Contributions from outside —-Vedhanaayagam, Raamalingar, Bharathiyaar and  others and the Novel and  growth of short story, Biography, Essay and critical literature.

Dr. Sudha’s lecture  which constituted the Eighty Sixth India Heritage Lecture  was delivered  under  “South India Heritage Lecture Series”  at   Tag Centre  on the 26th. July 09. The idea for this series of programmes was conceived by Mr.R.T.Chari  and they are sponsored by  Mr.Chari and his brother Mr.R.V.Gopalan.


N.Meera Raghavendra Rao


21 thoughts on “Dr. Sudha Seshayyan on a literary journey


    madam i hope u reply me to my mail. My name is Kannan final year Engineering student. Me highly inspired by your writings a lot. I like your writing first at tirisakthi(about ambals). as i know about kundalini your writings only give me how hinduism links with yoga and i got ur speech about alwars now too. my mail id is kannanjayan2007@gmail.com. Can you pls send me your mail id pls madam. I hope you will reply me madam.

  2. r krishnan

    my congratulations on the excellent work being done by you. your tamil is flawless…i hope you will use your good offices to correct the bad practices in the media of propogating and may i say eulogising faulty tamil..grammar and pronounciation.
    the second point is …you are doing a great service in the area of taking bakthi literature to the masses in tamil nadu. unlike some experts who only want to exhibit their knowledge,,you effectively carry both tamil and bakthi to the people.
    today people who talk of tamil ..will jump from kural and silappathikaram to bharatidasn.. what a pity.
    you cant take away the beauty of tamil in prabandham or saivite literature..prejudices work for erasing such gems of literary works[by people who take pride in saying”matran thottatthu malligaiyum manakkum” great deception..keep up the good work
    krishnan …bachikaka@gmail.com

  3. K. G. Srinivas

    Dr. Seshayyan,
    I was fortunate to attend your discourses on “Alwar kanda Kannan” for the last 2 days. I had attended a couple of your talks in the past and, to be honest with you, I did not sense enough Bhakti in them. However, in the ones at Venugopalaswamy temple, you swept me away–not only did you exhibit your vast knowledge and mastery of the language and topic but the talks were also dripping with Bhakti. My humble compliments on a job very well done. Thank you for sharing the divine with us.–Srinivas

  4. geetha

    Dr.Sudha seshayyan’s bhakthi and tamil inspires so many people. We could feel the divinity when she recites the Thirupavai at the end of her discourses

  5. K S Ravi Sreevatsa

    Heard Sudha Seshayyan’s discourse yesterday (18.10.2011) thanks to Krishna Sweets. I had heard her speak about 15 to 20 years back and how interestingly she conveys. Wish her a long life to be able to make human beings feel good after hearing such discourses. Great lady. Keep it up. Look forward to more hereafter (feel that I have missed so much all these years).

  6. john peter

    really sudha mam is a god gift. what a discourse she deliverd on jaya tv. i never ever heard before her speach. can anyone give her email id please?

  7. sarasa sulochana rengachari

    Respected madam,
    Your performance is a living example of ‘Plain living and high thinking’.Your speeches are always very entrancing and informative, “A feast of reason and a flow of sense.’ Nobody listening to you can help carrying a message home. Thank you.

  8. V Raghavan

    Daily between 6.45 and 7 am (Monday to Friday), Dr Sudha Seshayyan gives a discourse in Tamil on DD Podhigai channel on Ambal (Sakthi or Devi). The conceptual clarity and oral diction is very commendable.

  9. P.Chandrashekar

    Madam, Namascaram, I am watching the programme on Sri Lalitha Trisathi in Podhigai TV and am very inspired by your explanation , knowledge and clarity on details. You are taking us through mythology and carefully linking it with practical message which is very relavent. Much appreciate your efforts. Regret I have missed the earlier episodes. May Jagadamba bless every one. Thankyou.

  10. Murali

    Dr Sudha Seshayyan is a molded personality of many talents, Doctor civil surgeon medical administrator, tamil orator, saskrit scholar and discourse (r) are really astonishing me.

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