A Mantralaya at Tiruvallur 28/01/2011 (updated)

Though it is said ‘Seeing is believing’, I was convinced that ‘experiencing is believing’ after we visited the Sannidhana of Sri Krishna, Sri Anjaneya and Sri Raghavendra Swamy at Purnaprajna nagar, in Eraiyamangalam.

The day of our visit happened to be the 412th birthday of Sri Raghavendra Swamy who was born in 1595 A.D. on a Thursday).

After meandering our way through the busy traffic of the city, we reached Tiruvallur district in about an hour and took a deviation at this point to reach Eraiyamangalam village in SriPurnaprajna nagar.

As we drove along, suddenly the rising gopuram of the mutt came into sight and once we were there, the atmosphere was reminiscent of Mantralayam as it existed decades ago – serene and devoid of human habitation whatsoever. We felt overawed with horripilations on our body when we had darshan of the Mrithika Brindavana and literally experienced the presence and power of Guru Raghavendra who chose this remote place, almost the back of beyond, to provide solace to his devotees coming to seek His blessings. This is how Raghavendra Swamy’s Mutt  came to be built here.

It was really a dream come true for Sri Ranganath, (who is popularly referred to as Bhajana Mandali Ranganath) founder of Sri Raghavendra Seva and Bhajana Mandali, who had a dream wherein Raghavendra Swamy appeared in the guise of an old man and said he would show another place for making his advent.

Months passed but nothing had happened till one day in 1991 while Sri Vadirajaswami’s aradhana was being celebrated at Sri Krishna Mutt in Triplicane, Ranganath, who was participating in the event, noticed signs of his dream becoming a reality in the years ahead. One of the devotees present on the occasion had brought a blue print of a layout consisting of 320 grounds at Eraiyamangalam, a distance of 55 km from the city, and said it was for sale and that like-minded people could purchase them and establish a colony.

Though there was some initial hesitation by the members of the mandali to accept the offer considering the distance from the city, Ranganath had decided to visit the place the same day. And to his consternation and delight he had a feeling of deja vu. Perhaps to reinforce this feeling, he noticed a wild crop of Krishna tulasi growing in that barren stretch. He decided it would be the ideal spot for Sri Krishna-Sri Anjaneya-Sri Raghavendra to dwell. Soon, the decision was conveyed to the mandali members and things began to fall in place.

Bhoomi puja was performed by His Holiness 108 Sri Sushameendra Theertha Swamiji in December 2001. A trust by name Sri Krishna Purnaprajna Trust was formed with a high-level committee in July the following year for the execution and maintenance of the project initiated by the members of Sri Raghavendra Swamigala Seva and Bhajana Mandali.

Prathistapana took place on July 2, 2003, as planned. The 18 month project was not smooth sailing as there was no regular flow of funds but the enthusiastic group did not lose hope. They succeeded in collecting the required amount through the performance of unchavruthi bhajans travelling from place to place and seeking donations for their religious cause.

Now in these past few years, the mutt has been receiving donations, (all voluntary) from ardent devotees in the form of silver vessels, a wooden chariot and a cradle, and even a used Fiat car!

The miracles related by devotees who seem to be on the increase day by day despite its distance are simply astounding. Even more so are the several experiences related to Ranganath by people living in the near by village.

It appears one old man was standing in front of the mutt one day and sobbing. When asked for the reason, he had said, almost 35 years ago he had visualised a temple coming up in that place and when he told his village people they had mocked at him saying he was mad. But now that he has seen his vision coming true he is unable to believe his eyes. He assured them that they were tears of joy and not of grief.

The  338th. Year Aradhana of H.H. Sri Raghavendra Swami was celebrated  here on the 7th., 8th., and 9th. August 09  on a grand scale.

Future projects of the trust include a senior citizens home, prayer hall, and a kalyana mantap besides a vidyapeeta and a medical centre.

‘Donations may be sent to:’
Sri Krishna SriAnjaneya Sri Raghavendra Sannidhana,
Sri Purnaprajna Nagar,
Tiruvellore District – 631402
email: bhajanamandali@hotmail.com
website: www.raghavendrakrishna.org


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


4 thoughts on “A Mantralaya at Tiruvallur 28/01/2011 (updated)

  1. Rajashekar Narasimhan (a) Ranagnatha Rao

    Great Meera Raghavendra rao. My name is Rajashekar (Ranganatha Rao) and the owner of the site where it is proposed to construct a function haIl(KayanaMantapa) I am very happy with this posting. In fact I have registered a domain http://www.madyamantralaya.org for Erayamangalam Mutt But no progress could take place so far,as Mr Rangagnath is very busy. Let Gururaja shower his blessings on you and your family.

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