A broker turned into Devotee

There is a small temple of Lord Ganesha  in the intersection of C.P Ramaswamy aiyar road and  T.T.K.road  at the point where Eldams road ends. I was quite touched  to hear the background  of   the idol’s journey from Kodambakkam  which was related by  the car broker. It appeared he had  gone to  one of the interior corners of  Kotturpuram some years ago on business and since it was raining heavily he  took shelter under a tree. He noticed  an  idol of Ganesha, soaked in grime and  dust nearby. At once he decided to  bring it along with him and requested his friend who owned a pan shop  to keep it in his house  till he found a place for its consecration. Together they chose the place and  built a small temple and   the idol  was consecrated  on an  auspicious day with vedic chants and they had  engaged a vadyar to perform daily  pujas.  “Ever since  that day I  have been praying and  sharing my problems with Ganesha and He has  been  bestowing His grace on me  and my family,” said the broker.  It appeared when he was really hard up  for resources, he had  won a prize in a lottery and with that money he could buy a small place and  use the rest   for his daughter’s marriage. “there is a tree whose branches lean over this temple and a few attempts were made by some to cut them but these people  ended in breaking their bones. Now no one ventures to tamper with the tree” he added.      

N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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