World Press Freedom Day 05/05/2011

In these days of new media, Twitter  and wikileaks sweeping the whole world, do we need  a  WPF Day? I said even as I was reading the day’s newspaper.

Well  yes, atleast in the Indian context, replied my husband.

Do you mean to say our press  has no freedom at all? I asked.

No, I didn’t mean in that sense,  he parried.

Then in what sense do you mean?  I said.

I am sure you as a journalist should know better, he said accusingly.

Yes it’s true that whatever  story we write doesn’t always get published, I complained.

The reason is obvious, he observed.

You mean the policy of the paper or space has to do with it? I asked.

Not so much the policy as the whims and fancies of the man sitting at the top, he explained.

Probably on his favourites as well, I finished for him.

Thank God, I am glad you have some commonsense, he remarked.

Plenty of it, I corrected.

Now coming back to WPF Day, what happened to the  story you sent to your favourite newspaper? He wanted to know.

You mean the story I wrote about ‘Expressing without fear or favour’?

Yes, he nodded.

Isn’t the answer obvious?, I trailed off.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “World Press Freedom Day 05/05/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    The only place for expressing oneself without fear or favour is your blog! But watch out, the author may shoot back without fear or favour!!

  2. Don’t you think salvos by the author are warranted in some cases? Comments by readers are meant to be both complimentary and critical which act as an incentive to authors who express their opinion without fear or favour !

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