Wither Sense of Humour? 29/06/2011

All of us know the value of humour  as it is the stress buster which makes life a little less complicated and livable. When that is a fact, is it not  surprising to see newspapers focusing  more on the two Cs, Crime  and  Corruption  and  less and less  on this stress buster called Humour? I feel it is no wonder that satirical magazines like the Shankar’s Weekly had to fold up, ages ago  for want of readership .Compared to the Indian humour scenario, we have several humour magazines and books as well being published abroad. Does it mean that people/readers outside our country  have a better sense of humour  than us?

 Incidentally, in my interview, for  a web site ‘Food for Thought ‘ the interviewer, apart from my views on topics  like using mobile phones and women working from home, wished to know my opinion   on the need for humour in our society  and needless to say  my reply was that it is absolutely essential  for everyone of us to have  a sense of humour and  only those who possess this ‘rare’quality will   realize its importance in life. Ironically my viewers of this site whose number exceeded  a four figure (total ) for the first two topics, has not crossed  two figures  when it came to the third!   

I  wish  my readers to ponder over the reason for the lack of this precious commodity among our psyche.

 n.meera raghavendra rao  


2 thoughts on “Wither Sense of Humour? 29/06/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Indians are probably the most emotional people in the world and the most expressive. Is it possible then that we simply have no capacity for being dispassionate ? This super-sensitivity is reinforced by the fact that we are incredibly hierarchical. We carefully socialize our children to be respectful of hierarchies — keep those lower down, in their place and be scrupulously deferential & reverential to those higher up.

    Whereas humour is the arch-enemy of reverence. Its purpose is to let the air out of over inflated balloons. Its engine is disruption and subversion, generated by surprise, paradox, absurdity, contradiction or incongruity. It lives largely by touching the untouchables, the holy cows.

    You would think that India would be positively bursting with comedians, jesters and satirists. You would think that we would have at least one Indian version of the satirical American ‘Fake News’ online paper “The Onion” whose deadpan style shadows real news closely enough to be really biting.

    Instead, surrounded by some of the world’s richest comic raw material, the best we have is CNN-IBN’s rather flat ” The week that wasn’t”, hosted by Cyrus Broacha which is a step in an interesting direction no doubt and ” The Great Indian Tamasha” show on NDTV which has great look-alike puppets but a script that is nothing short of embarrassing ! And I mourn along with you, the stopping of the publication of the now defunct Shankar’s weekly.

  2. Once I asked Ajit Panja at a press meet (when he was the minister for I and B.) when we would have a serial made in India for the TV like the ‘Yes Minister’ and he replied that it was already being aired on the TV!Probably he thought I was referring to the BBC’s production .

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