Why I like and admire…20/09/2011

I always wondered  why you take to some people, like them, admire them inspite of having differing views and  disagreements  and why  you are not the same  with others whose negatives stare  at you the moment you come across them.You  might develop an instant rapport with the former  and fail to do so with the latter  no matter however much you try. This seems to apply to both  your   friends and relatives as well.

But what about people you never meet at all but  develop an admiration  for them? Is it possible one might ask? I feel it is when you read something they have written, i.e. if you are a book lover  or watched them on the television i.e. selected programmes if are a discriminating viewer. I feel the visual medium  has a greater  impact  between the two as you observe the person/s  body language which speaks louder than words. It gives an impression that  they are real and genuine who ever they are and whatever profession they belong to. I am talking about the one such person I admire for his  qualities –his humility,empathy, sense of humour and the instant rapport he seems to establish with the participants who open up  instantly whether they are men or women and whatever is  their age. He has the knack of  drawing them out in his Game show. He is much senior in age compared to other anchors of similar game shows aired on television but stands out for the qualities mentioned above besides the way he conducts the show.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Why I like and admire…20/09/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    I too am a fan of Amitabh bachchan. We never miss an opportunity to see his films on the big screen. Films like Anand, Baghban, Chupke chupke, Deewar are our favourites among others. But in films you have the script & dialogues written by others and you just have to mouth it out along with the required emotions, whereas in Kaun Banega crorepathi, everything is extempore. Using an easy conversational style he makes the person on the hot seat feel comfortable. He has also helped many a participant, who is really authentic in his/her behaviour and needs money badly, to reach some take-away mark, without trangressing the basic rules of the game show. That shows his altruistic tendencies and the sponsors don’t want to quibble about it, lest they lose the great man.

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