Why I envy men? 26/08/2011

The reason for envying men goes back to several decades when I participated in a public speaking contest and to my surprise as well as those of my fellow participants, won the first prize! The topic was not of my choosing because we  were asked to pick up one folded slip  from the lots that were cast. I chuckled when I read what was written there, as I least expected to talk on something I detested. All the same I spoke spontaneously from my heart non stop as I realized there was no dearth of either ideas or content which came naturally to me, perhaps the reason was, I had always harboured a kind of envy towards men who looked really smart in the clothes they wore! They had the right fit and shape, I mean their clothes. The secret was not too far to find, it lay in the maker of these clothes, the sartor, to be precise.

By now you would have guessed  the reason for my envy  towards the opposite  species who can just pick up ready mades off the shelf, both formal and informal ware, Tee shirts in particular and adorn them immediately and walk away paying the bill  heading to wherever they wish. I am afraid as a woman, I am not able to do so  unless I  make a paradigm shift  in my style statement! Though I am living in this southern city for more than four decades I am yet to locate a shop which specializes in blouses that would fit ME  to a T or a Tailor  who can make them.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


12 thoughts on “Why I envy men? 26/08/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Men’s clothes, with the right fit and shape, fit only those men who have the right shape! It is difficult to extrapolate this to women, because of the more complex shapes involved!!

    1. Your comment reminds me of the proverb:A bad workman quarrels with his tools .Unfortunately some professions are still dominated by men–the hotel chefs and the tailors. No wonder the standard and quality of products turned out by them is fast detereorating .Perhaps women make better cooks and tailors compared to their counterparts.

  2. V Raghavan

    I recommend to the readers of your blog the article on Open Page by Ashish Gupta in The Hindu today titled “Why I don’t support Anna Hazare?”

  3. Read the article of Asish Gupta .Someone had remarked that if P.M. had gone on a fast for a cause , not even five people would have come forward to join him .Well, not everyone who participated in the fast of Anna Hazare or supported him were publicity mongers .If corruption had not become all pervasive as it has done today and there was a body to receive and act on complaints of people , there would not have been the need for a selfless man like Anna Hazare to fast in the interests of people like you and me.

  4. sundera gopalan

    Dear Meera I also envy men.When we buy a saree we don’t get the matching ready made blouse in the same shop.We have to go from shop to shop for the blouse.If we buy a matching blouse piece we don’t get a good Tailor who can stitch the blouse according to our taste.What to do

  5. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    What are you women griping about ? When you consider the unique role you play in creating the human race, all these other handicaps like not getting ready-made blouses fade into insignificance.

    The one thing that only a woman can do is manufacture a living human.
    What comparable thing can a man do ? All that a man can do is manufacture intestinal flatulence, for pity’s sake ! We men should envy you.

  6. V Raghavan

    I agree with VNK. You women should first count your blessings! Just think of what your predecessors in the 18th and 19th centuries had to go through wearing corsets just to please men! Hand woven tight lace with bone pieces inserted through loops for stiffening, the hour-glass shaped corset often caused indigestion and constipation!

  7. Nice to see two men agreeing with each other’s views but I agree to disagree. Women perhaps were wearing corsets during earlier centuries notwithstanding the consequences ,to please ‘their’ men .That makes all the difference Profs.!

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