Who are the smart people? 23/06/2011

When we were children (my two elder brothers and me) my father had purchased a Grundig Tape recorder from a German friend of his who was leaving the country for good. We were all enamoured with our new acquisition and  recorded music/songs from our favourite movies like  Come September, House of Bamboo, North by North West and a few others  which I don’t remember. However  I had a particular fondness  for Peter Otoole, Elvis Presley, Rock Hudson, Harry Belafonte and  Audrey Hepburn whose movies we used to watch at the Telco Club in Jamshedpur during the week end. I used to handle the tape recorder the most since my brothers were not too keen to  play the songs when visitors to our house wished to listen to them with the result they thought I was the smartest among my siblings !(I would even hum probably  to show off !)

Decades have rolled by from the times of the advent of the humble tape recorder which is replaced by more advanced pocket sized gadgets having innumerable features to boast. But I must confess they are all  difficult to handle by a person like me who is reluctant  to use even a mobile phone (I went for one literally under pressure from my well wishers). Coming to think of it I feel  the really smart ones are the children of today who come into this world surrounded by all the latest gadgets and learn how to use them  in no time!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “Who are the smart people? 23/06/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    How true! You are not alone. People of our generation are like that. I use the simplest cell phone, telling people how smart I am in choosing one which is reliable and sturdy!! The kids are amazing. See the way they type an sms. This is not like typing on the keyboard. The letter ‘s’ requires four successive hits at the right speed! Kids do it with the least effort.

    1. These gadgets have their disadvantages too —today’s youngsters use all kinds of short forms with the result they give the syntax and spellings of words a go by. That’s the bane and boon of technology!

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