White or Blue! 19/08/2011

I never knew my activities, (read literary activities) would come to a standstill due to extraneous factors, some accidental and some being the result of  whimsical and impulsive actions of people in power who care two hoots for ordinary mortals like me. I wish there was someone selfless of the  likes of Anna Hazare in our State who cares more for the civil society,  seeing to it that justice is done to them.

Well, to begin with my helplessness due to the second factor  I mentioned, I realized for the enth time how my blog was the worst sufferer, with no new articles posted for a long time. The moment I tried to write something new, power would just go off without any kind of warning, this was besides the regular load shedding lasting more the better part of the day.

Now talking about the  accidental factors which mercilessly contributed to my helplessness in the ‘powerless’ situation, I am afraid had nothing to do with people in power.The part of the house where my study happens to be situated had no power for quite a few days and my computer enjoyed a forced rest in that period which I am sure the system enjoyed ! Well, the only person who could come to my rescue and set things right was the electrician but believe me, a good one (who knows is job) is not easily available, especially when you need his urgent presence.

Again for the enth time I realized the absolute worthlessness  of  acquiring  academic degrees which never come in handy to solve problems arising out of unforeseen situations people like  me face. Degrees are essential no doubt and they have their value in getting ‘white collar’ jobs but if  learning skills  is also combined along with this education we acquire in academic institutions, we would be doing a great service to ourselves, by standing in for  our own Blue Collar jobs.


N.Meera raghavendra rao  



3 thoughts on “White or Blue! 19/08/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    It would be so nice if all of us had all the skills of an Electrician, Plumber, carpenter, TV/Refrigerator/ Geyser/ Washing machine technician, or an Automobile mechanic in addition to our own involuted specializations. Then we wouldn’t feel so helpless. In some foreign countries people become auto-didact in many of these skills since the technicians charge a very heavy fee, and even if that is ok with you, they keep you waiting for aeons, which may drive to crazy !

    I understand your plight. I am a fellow sufferer.

  2. V Raghavan

    To think that you can acquire all the skills listed above is sheer Utopia! Just search for a good technician. Remember, good ones charge a little more than the market rate! I know a 90-year old lady who lives by herself, calls the electrician to change the tube light. He charges her a concessional rate of Rs. 50, while the tube itself costs Rs. 45!

  3. Easier said than done —you might locate a good technician and pay him his price but I am not sure he will be available when you need him urgently .Well, the only alternative is to have all the technicians on a retainer basis ,as they have in large posh building complexes.I don’t think that is possible or feasible for owners of independent houses!

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