What I am missing 17/01/2011

The New year started  the usual way with the morning visitors making their appearance  and greeting us with a smile. They were all there, the paper boy, the milk woman, the maid , the cook who worked  upstairs, the driver  who worked for our neighbour, the sweeper  etc. all  of them reeling off  those   three magic words: ‘Happy New Year amma and aiyya’  with a broad smile. Then followed the numerous phone calls from friends and relatives  living  in Chennai and the rest of  the country.

This year too as was usual  we had a  pot luck  party  in the evening  with a few games thrown in .It was fun quizzing  our friends (whose  age  ranged from 40plus to 70 plus )  with  general knowledge  questions  and some moron games also thrown in  which  brought out the child in them, each  laughing and  poking  fun at   one another   when ever their answers appeared far fetched. One of the games consisted of 10 various  ingredients mixed up  in a tray  and  each one was asked to guess the  number of varieties and  mention their names. To everyone’s  surprise  the person who got nine right was a  gentleman who is an auditor.   The  mouth watering  menu  which was polished off   in no time   proved a fitting finale to our get together.

Then what is it that I am missing  you might ask. Well I miss   the postman  who would  begin delivering  beautiful   greeting cards  with  all kinds of attractive pictures   signed by the sender in his/her own hand writing.  I would receive  a handful each day   which would begin from the last week of December and continue till almost the end of  January. I   proudly displayed  them in my show case for all my visitors to see! The cards would remain there the whole of January  and I would reluctantly remove them  there after.

Don’t you think  a greeting card  sent by snail mail  will score over one sent by    e mail  which lacks a personal touch?

n.meera raghavendra rao


5 thoughts on “What I am missing 17/01/2011

  1. Professor V Raghavan

    I still have a pile of hand written letters received about two decades ago. One of them is from a Padma Bhushan awardee. It is a pity that e-mail has overtaken this joyous mode of communication. As you rightly point out, the same thing has happened with greetings cards. The postal cards have decreased in the ratio of 10 to 1.

  2. hema

    i totally agree with you. for three consecutive years i sent cards, in vain, no acknowledgement, gave up.may be too old fashioned for the high tech world.

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