Valentine Day – ‘Indo American’ style 15/02/2011

How are you celebrating the V Day?  I asked  my grandson who was going steady with  a colleague of his.

We have decided to celebrate in true Indian-American style, he said.

What do you mean by that? I  asked  quite  puzzled.

Exactly what I said, The Indo American  style, he  repeated laughing.

You mean to say there is such a style of celebrating something, I  said.

Yes  precisely, he  nodded.

Why don’t you explain   how one celebrates something in the style you mention,  I  asked.

Have patience  grandma, Just wait and see, he said  laughing mischievously.

Have you bought a gift for  Shilpa? I said.

Yes, I did  but that’s going to be a secret between  the two of us, he  said.

So , Shilpa will  have a surprise. I hope  it will be a pleasant one, I  observed.

Ofcourse, a very pleasant one, he stressed on the adjective.

Before I could   embarress   the youngster any further, the  ring of  the mobile came to his rescue and he  disappeared  but not for long.

He  walked in arm in arm with a  young lady, decked in  shimmering silks and glistening diamonds.

Anitha, meet my adoring grandmother, she simply  dotes on me. I am sure you will just fall in love with her as you did with me, he said.

Grandma, how do you like the ‘surprise  gift’?  he asked.

My jaw dropped  and words failed me.

Perhaps my  reaction of   shock and disbelief  conveyed all  because he explained, Grandma,   the surprise part is over  and now  comes the gift. I have  gifted  Anitha  with a  sari  and a  set of American diamond jewelery and insisted she wear them  to please you.

Grandma, please bless  your grand daughter-in-law to be and her fiance, he said  even as they prostrated before me.

N Meera Raghavendra Rao



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