Treading on ‘sensitive’ Toes 07/03/2011

You know I met  so and so this morning, I said  as we were having dinner.

Which so and so is it? asked my husband.

Well, the one who loves to hear the speaker’s  own voice, I said.

Well there are quite a few you know who do that, he said.

After a few more clues, he knew whom I meant.

Appearing to   pitying me he  said,  ‘so, you had to lend your ear to hear this person’s  monologue probably for the tenth time about  how  people would queue up at  the Government department  ten years ago.’

That’s right, I said.

Some people brag about how popular they were  while in service, he observed.

Also when they have nothing worthwhile to talk about the present, he added.

But I am wondering why so many people were eager to meet this

person ?I said.

Simple, perhaps they wanted some favours which only people in power can  grant them, he stated.

Then  it is due to vested interest  and not because the person happens to be popular ,don’t you think so?  I  said.

Yes, that’s a fact and I am glad you  could see the point,  he  laughed.

Now ,I think you are ‘treading on a person’s sensitive toes’, he warned.

Well I have a correction to make. You should say ‘persons’ insensitive

toes’ because  as you have rightly said  there  are quite a few  such  persons I know and this is just one  instance, I clarified.

What if they happen to read  your post? He asked.

Not to worry.  I am  quite   sure they will not have the time to spare  for such things. It reminds me of  a journalism student from a leading college who interviewed me for their students’ magazine. While going through it I was  shocked to see that she had misquoted me and when I told her to publish a correction in their next issue, she had said, ‘don’t worry maam, noone will read our magazine’! 

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Treading on ‘sensitive’ Toes 07/03/2011

  1. sundera gopalan

    The person who interveiwed you is right because very few people have reading habit .One friend of mine feels buying a news paper is a waste because she thinks when all the news is tekecasted on the T.V.Why buy a paper and waste our time in reading it.

  2. V Raghavan

    No toe will be insensitive, if you have military boots on! Instead of a mild ‘ouch’, there will be ‘hue-and-cry’!

  3. Do you mean to say no toe will be ‘sensitive’ if you have military boots on? Perhaps people in power or hankering after power keen to build their personal coffers at the expense of peoples’ interest/welfare wear military boots all their waking time!

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