The Question Hour/Time 21/03/2011

No, I am not referring to the Question Hour in Parliament  which is chaotic to say the least. I pity the Speaker trying his/her best to  be heard amongst the din of  voices to get some semblance of order. I am  talking  of the ‘Question Time’ allotted for audience interaction at Management Meetings and Book Release  Events  which I eagerly look forward to.  Needless to say, I would be the first to grab the opportunity  and pose a question to the  Speaker of the evening, whatever be the topic he/she is invited to address. I feel sometimes the questions appear more challenging to the Speaker  than the Topic he/she  has come prepared to deliver.

Book Release Events   are even more interesting  because the author as well as other invited  guest speakers (who may include the publisher as well)   provide  a glimpse into the  book though  they may not   reveal  the end/conclusion  for obvious reasons! However one can pose  relevant  questions  from what ever  insights  the listener gets  about the author and  his/her  book.

I remember  the time  I  was inflicted with this habit of posing questions, it goes back to  the days   I was a member of PRSI. When the floor was open  to questions, none would  ask any. The  President would  literally prompt a couple of us  to  keep the  ball rolling but invariably the  ball would stop with the first push!  I  seem to  persist  with  this  habit  of mine till date and  find asking questions  too  brings  its rewards, be it in the form of  cash, a kind gesture or an epithet, the last are quite a few.

My question posed to one of the speakers at  the Land Mark Debates held in the city fetched me  a gift coupon. At  one of the Book Release events I attended,  a dignitary   invited on the occasion handed me the bouquet (given to him) saying, ‘it is for your question.’

The  epithet I earned from  my fellow members  and am identified with runs  as follows: A lady who asks intelligent questions(thank God for small mercies)

A professional  questioner( is asking questions a profession, I wonder! )

Habitual questioner( compliment or complaint?)

A true journalist ( the best compliment so far I suppose ).

n.meera raghavendra rao.


One thought on “The Question Hour/Time 21/03/2011

  1. Someone told me one refrains from asking questions for two reasons:
    1. when you have understood everything the speaker has said that you don’t have any doubts .
    2.when you have not understood anything the speaker has said and you don’t want to make it obvious.

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