The ‘euphoria’ of receiving gifts 01/06/2011

Are you still in your dream world or have come down to earth? Said my husband, observing the new additions occupying my already cluttered show case.

Still gloating at  the gifts I received for my Blog’s second anniversary which included a few souvenirs from home and abroad (my friends knew my fondness for these) I nodded my head.

What are you admiring so much? He asked standing beside me.

Don’t you think those marble elephants are cute? I said.

See, the dancing doll looks so statuesque and elegant, I observed

I like the receptacle embellished with onyx, my favourite stone, I can use it for keeping my cuff links, he volunteered.

What do you think of  the ornamental pen holder? I asked.

Infact I was just coming to that, it is more useful to me rather than to you because I still believe in using a pen unlike you do, he said sounding very decisive.

O.K. you can have both, I conceded ungrudgingly.

Aye, there is a mobile phone stand too, he said excitedly. Since you don’t use a mobile, I can place the  transparent holder  on my granite topped writing table, the reflection will look marvelous, won’t it? My black colored mobile will heighten the beauty of this technicoloured  piece,  he said quite sure of the answer.

Now what about  the sandal wood paper knife? Do you want that too? I asked feeling quite disheartened to part with my valuable  gifts received on my blog’s second anniversary.

Thanks for forestalling me, you don’t need the paper knife because I receive  more letters unlike you whose mail box gets filled up with e mails, mostly unnecessary ones I’m sure, he mocked.

Aye, I don’t mind parting with the paper knife if you so wish, but the emails I receive are certainly  very interesting and educative too, I  said in defence.

Don’t you want the marble elephants and the Dancing doll ? I offered.

You can keep them, he said sounding very  magnanimous!

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “The ‘euphoria’ of receiving gifts 01/06/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Cheer up! The more you give, the more you get. This is the Divine rule, not the Physics law of conservation!

  2. Sundera Gopalan

    Meera you know what our Lions club’s Governor’s slogan this year is’ GIVE TO RECEIVE’ So you give with one hand and receive bleesings by the other hand.So cheer up.

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