The ‘Elixir’ of Life 24/08/2011

Whenever I see the advertisement  where a youngster asks his uncle what kind of a girl he would like to marry, and the latter lists out a few requirements, I am reminded of what my friends and I   told our  parents. A  strict NO No to someone who smokes and drinks, we had insisted. It was a time when a teetotaler was considered a prude and an old fashioned  country bum who was a mis fit  to associate with High Society. A teetotaler continues to be so even now after decades.  However I had always been curious to watch how people talk/ ramble and behave  under the influence of  hard drinks which they consider as the ‘elixir’ of life! I did have a few occasions to do so, it amuses and at the same time pains me when I think of the embaressment it causes the person’s family. I have noticed people  becoming tipsy and  going  crazy immediately  after  swallowing a few pegs, rambling away endlessly with blood shot eyes, looking frightful. Some go a step further, not only losing  control of their tongue but their behavior  as well! They themselves may not be conscious of this  and it matters little to them that those around wait to make a hasty  exit  from the scene.

n.meera raghavendra rao  


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