The Duke and the Queen 04/08/2011

How do you like to be referred as the Queen? My husband asked suddenly as we were having our tea in the evening.

Needless to say, coming out of the blue his question baffled me.Are you joking? I countered.

No, I am not. Tell me, if someone refers to you as the  Queen, how would you feel? He repeated.

Well, I will  certainly feel flattered, I said. Only thing is I doubt if anybody would refer to an ordinary mortal like me as the Queen. By the way, has someone really did that?  I asked laughing.

Did you  notice our friends having dinner in the hotel we visited last evening? He said.

Oh, you mean the former IAS officer and his wife? As  I found them concentrating  on  their dinner, I didn’t want to disturb them, I said.

You know our friend  did see me entering the hotel but appeared not to recognize me  until he saw you .  Since  I felt like pulling his leg, I said, ‘Probably you can’t  recognize me if Meera doesn’t accompany me.’

You know what he replied, he said.

I am sure he would have said something witty because his presence of mind is remarkable and his repartees equally  admirable, I said.

I completely agree with you. He said, ‘I saw the Duke of Edinburgh, but I waited for the Queen,’ don’t you think his reply was absolutely astounding, said my husband, with glowing eyes.

Certainly, it was, I said full of admiration  for the former bureaucrat’s sense of humour and the ‘Duke ofEdinburgh’s  spirit!


n.meera raghavendra rao



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