The cascading effect 14/10/2011

It all began with some of  our intellectual  friends visiting  our place recently. Since we were meeting after a long time there was a great deal to catch up and update ourselves. Our range of topics  included the mundane and the serious: the foremost  of them being the burning garbage problem which is turning Chennai into a ‘GarbageCity’ and the lackadaisical  attitude of the Powers that be to its consequences. One of them jokingly said we have to search for his house  in a mound of garbage. Then the conversation moved on to the Academic scenario which is increasingly becoming controversial: the  generally deteriorating standards among today’s students  as well as the Academic  Heads of  some of the institutions. The reason for this we realized was   the  criteria of their   selection which  normally and literally adhered to the saying  ‘ a known Devil ( includes person and  the  institution)……’ .  It is no wonder  that these Heads   fail  to equip themselves for the positions they occupy because  of the ‘inherent’(read ‘yes men’ of the Heads of institutions ) advantages they enjoy  which  naturally has  a cascading effect, we concluded.

Do we have any answers or will the buck stop here?


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “The cascading effect 14/10/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    The generation that believed in dedication and taking pride in achievements of teaching and research has virtually disappeared. This is part of the general deterioration of values we see all around. The cascading effect is there everywhere.

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