The Bureaucrat and The Politician 30/11/2011

Two college friends  met  after a long time and learnt one had recently  retired from the IAS and the other who had become a politician  was presently out of his post. They had a heart to heart conversation as follows:

Former bureaucrat: Being a politician must have been very exciting and you must have enjoyed all the adulation.

Politician: Well, I agree with you partly but the name and fame we gain only lasts till we are in power, nobody cares for us once we are out of it.

F.B. But compared to you people we bureaucrats neither have the power nor the money.

Politician: That’s wrong because  you  certainly have the power and the right to offer advice whenever it is sought. You  will have the money too if you are ‘smart’ enough to make it.

F.B.  That’s true. Wet blankets like me are not good at it, always afraid of taking risks and being caught. Also we have a conscience.

Politician: Why did you join the service in the first place?

F.B. Well, I had a lot of ideals which tumbled down like a pack of cards. Why did you choose to join politics?

Politician: To do service to the people ofcourse.

F.B. Could you realize your goal?

Politician: I would  have if I was allowed to continue in my post a little longer.

F.B. What are your plans since you seem to be ‘on the Bench’?

Politician: Planning to write a book on my experiences.

F.B. Don’t you think  that’s risky ? that is, if you choose to be  still in ‘active’ politics?

Politician: Thanks for warning me. I shall wait for a couple of years in case I …….By the way what are you going to do since you have  retired now?

F.B. Become a publisher and my maiden venture will be publishing the book  you are planning to write. Please remember to fund it as well!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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