Happy Second Birthday Just Lies, greeted  my husband early in the morning,

Thanks a million, I said happy that he remembered my Blog’s                                         age.

High time you celebrate the birthday by  giving me a gift, you  know I deserve one, he literally demanded.

Why do you think so? I said.

Simple, I seem to be the inspiration for your Lighter side column where you invariably make a wrong attribution, he accused.

Not always, I corrected.

Most of the time, you do and that’s a fact, he asserted.

Certainly not because  as far as I know you don’t visit my blog, I  stated.

It’s not necessary to do so. I  know what goes on in your mind like the back of my hand, he  said sounding extremely confident.

That means a woman’s mind is transparent  which is reflected in her writing, especially that of a woman like me, I said.

Yes, you are absolutely right, he agreed.

Thank God, we agree on one point atleast, I  observed.

Does it mean a man’s mind is opaque, we won’t know what goes on in his mind, even if he happens to be one’s own  husband?

Right again. That’s why I said you make a wrong attribution to me and I deserve a gift. You better give me something I like  on your Blog’s second anniversary,  he  insisted.

I leave it to the readers to choose an appropriate one, I promised.

n.meera raghavendra rao


5 thoughts on “SECOND ANNIVERSARY 25/05/2011

  1. Sundera Gopalan

    Dear Meera you know what gift I want to give to DR.Rao .A big glass of fresh Moosambi juice. He’ll definitely adore and relish my gift.

  2. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    It is the height of greediness for your hubby to expect a gift from you for doing nothing more than existing on this planet and passing misogynistic remarks all the time. But then if he were to be concurring with you all the time, it might not have inspired you to write a skit on it. So he is the one who should give you a gift for engaging yourself in writing and not hassling him to take you out when he perhaps likes to relax at home. This gift could be in the shape of making himself as obnoxious as possible so as to give you the raw material for the next parody or skit.

  3. Geetha

    Meera, heartiest congratulations on completing two years in Just Li’Es!

    I have been going through your blog and I truly feel that it is a ‘third place’. This creative cauldron sure has something for everybody and thank you for sharing so much!

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