Resolutions for Ugadi 04/04/2011

What are your resolutions for Ugadi? Asked my husband even as we were having our coffee in the morning.

Well, my resolutions for this  year are going to be different, more practical, I said.

It is something sensible you said for the first time, he remarked.

Well, I am going to say something sensible through out the year, I asserted.

Are you sure you can do that? he said raising an eyebrow.

No harm in trying of course, I  replied.

It means by your own admission you have been indulging in a great deal of non sensible   talk  ever since I have known you, he teased.

That only shows my humility which you must appreciate, I retorted.

O.K.let’s have a sample right away, he prompted.

Why the great hurry, allow me to think first and later talk, I said.

Ah, that’s again something  unlike you. Anyway I am happy that you have decided to think before you say something. Only then what you say will be sensible. Does this principle of yours extend to the out side world as well? I hope it does, he taunted.

Like charity  everything should begin  at home, don’t you think? I said.

Yes I agree, he nodded.

I am still waiting. You seem to be trying my patience by taking too long to think, he said sounding irritated.

I have just realized how difficult it is for a person who talks spontaneously to think and talk, I confessed.

Well, you have  expressed  just one resolution. I am sure your other resolutions are  equally impractical. I suggest you forget about your resolutions and be yourself, he quipped.

I think that’s the most sensible advice you have come out with, I said feeling happy.

n.meera raghavendra rao



5 thoughts on “Resolutions for Ugadi 04/04/2011

  1. Prof.V.N.K.Kumar

    This skit made me laugh.

    Most people are unable to make lasting changes simply by resolving to do so. After all, the things we resolve to do or not do, generally involve the most difficult, unsolvable problems in our lives or bad habits that have taken years to develop. It is unrealistic to think that suddenly we will have the power to erase our conflicts and negative behaviours, just because we have done it in the beginning of a Calendar year or Ugadi.

    I could never keep any New Year’s resolutions, except one, which I made 40 years ago. I resolved to stop making New year resolutions !

    However this only shows my weakness. It does not mean that the younger readers of this site should not make resolutions. But it need not necessarily be done on the 1st of January or 4th of April this year as a traditional custom only to be forgotten later. There are 364 other days in which you can make your resolutions and plan ways to implement them. With a little determination and will power you can surely succeed in achieving them and thereby build respect for yourself in your own eyes.

  2. you can make a resolution on any day of the year, keep repeating it the rest of the year without implementing it! Respect for ourselves depends on our own acceptance of what we are .If others too do so, we should consider ourselves fortunate resolutions or no resolutions!

  3. Jaya Pydah

    Being your natural self is indeed so effortless and beautiful; why burden oneself with profound resolutions? I have always been mercilessly teased for breaking mine and so have now given up!! Ultimately, over a period of time, everyone does manage to do whatever he might have in mind.

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