Religious ‘Fervour’ 25/02/2011

Wow, when did you learn to make such delicacies, said my husband looking at the “bakshanams” placed before the  Goddess  in wonder.

We seem to have birthday bashes and celebrations of all kinds these days. I think we should celebrate Goddess  Saraswathis’s Birthday with religious fervour and offer all things dear to Her as “neivedyam” to seek Her  blessings and fulfilment of our wishes, I said.

That means it is quid pro quo with Gods/Goddesses also. Why do you do something expecting a return, accused my husband.

Well, it is after all human nature to expect something in return for what you do, don’t you think so? We can’t be altruistic, can we, I said.

What you say may apply to people, certainly not to God, said my husband.

Well, its embarrassing to seek favours from people, but you CAN remind God about your wishes as many times as you want without anyone knowing about them, can’t you, I reasoned.

Do you mean to say God doesn’t know what we want? It’s silly of you to think that He doesn’t, said he.

Even God will not give you something without asking, don’t you know that, I said.

Okay. I see your point. Tell me how long did it take you to prepare all these “bakshanams”? As far as I know, you had never been good at making such delicacies, he said still not able to believe his eyes.

You are right. I didn’t want  the Goddess  to share ‘your’  opinion about my culinary prowess especially when alternatives are available, I said.

What has this world come to! You resort  of Readymade Neivedhyam! Are you also expecting  the Gods  to hand over a package of readymade blessings? Where does religious fervour come in, I wonder, he  quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao


4 thoughts on “Religious ‘Fervour’ 25/02/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    All the neivedyam offered to God is ultimately consumed by the devotee. I wonder what would happen if God actually starts to consume what it is offered!

    The ready-made bakshanam business is gone to such an extent that on festive days freshly cooked kozhakattis are sold. The shop asks you to come with a clean vessel to collect the goodies, for direct transfer to the puja room!

  2. sundera gopalan

    Meera times have changed.God will definitely accept ready made Naivedyam than the one we make at home putting all our enegy and time.


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