Pets, Pets and more Pets 09/09/2011

Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin Rosy lips,
teeth within
Curly hair
very fair
Eyes are blue,
lovely too
mummy's pet, “is that you”.

So goes the nursery rhyme as we children learnt in school but now I think it needs a slight modification. Hitherto  the question  was directed to the toddler, the youngest among three or four children  and the beaming child   rushed  to  its mother who would gather the young thing in her arms for a tight  embrace. With the changing times and probably for economic reasons, couples began limiting their families, opting to have just two or even a single child. More often than not we would find even the well to do preferring to have an only child, notwithstanding the fact that an only child is also a lonely child.

Now, coming to the nursery rhyme, I feel the ‘you’ is undergoing a paradigm shift as it is being replaced with  something more precious. Along with this he/she  has even  grown greatly in stature in the family, also has a friend  for company! Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the ‘parent’.

Thanks also to the Pet shops which are mushrooming in the city to cater to all the pet/s  needs.

Therefore in the prevailing  scenario,  inkeeping  with the marching times the last stanzas   of  the nursery    rhyme  should read ‘mummy’s pets,  are they you two?’

n.meera raghavendra rao


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