Pearls of wisdom 15/11/2011

How did you like the key note address? asked my husband as we were returning home from a memorial lecture delivered by a well known personality.

Good, really good, don’t you think? I said.

What according to you  were the highlights? He said.

What do you mean by asking me when we both were present  at the address? I laughed.

Well, I just wanted  to know  how much of his speech has really registered, he said.

I was impressed by his demeanor for one thing, I said  trying to recapture the salient points.

Don’t you think the introduction to the speaker was too long, trying our patience, he complained.

Yes, I agree. I noticed the audience were getting restless when the introduction wouldn’t cease even after 20 minutes, I  said.

As far as introductions go, one should restrict them to a few minutes, not read the entire bio data running into more than a dozen pages, stated my husband.

Probably the person didn’t know how to condense the chief guest’s profile. He should have  just mentioned  the salient features, I remarked.

Forget about the introduction, let’s recall   the salient points mentioned by the Chief Guest in his half an hour’s speech, before we forget them,  he  reminded.

They were several to remeber, I   think they were real pearls of wisdom, I said all admiration for the rich content of the key note address.

Didn’t you take down atleast some of them  as is your habit at such important meetings, he asked.

No, because I was intently listening to him, with rapt attention in order not to miss any point, I  said.

Also I was depending on your memory, I added.

Don’t worry. Didn’t you hear the announcement made at the end of the meeting? He asked.

What was that? I said.

Try to recall, he replied.

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Pearls of wisdom 15/11/2011

  1. V Raghavan

    Nothing like notings to help later recall. Many journalists reporting on events use short hand to write quickly and to listen at the same time.

  2. What you say applies to reporters who have to file their reports/stories working to a deadline but feature writers’ job is more leisurely ,it involves a one to one interview with the subject ,and even as she/he is speaking ,notes are taken down and a comprehensive feature story or a profile is written .

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