Parents, School or friends? 14/11/2011

Children’s Day this year had been celebrated with a difference. It was  an in camera meeting of my close friends who aired their problems with their grand children which more often  than not  left them embarrassed.

One of them related her unpleasant experience when she accompanied her grand daughter to the child’s friend’s  Birthday party. It appears the little girl  offered to help the hostess while she was serving the dessert and the latter readily agreed, immensely pleased at the child’s  good manners. When she handed a small tray where two cups of ice cream were placed, the child very sweetly said, ‘aunty, you carry the tray and follow me because you are the servant and  I am the Queen’ which left everyone around dumbfounded!

Another friend said her plight was  equally bad  when she  went to visit one of her friends taking her five year old grand son along. The little fellow looked around the well furnished drawing room  and said to her, ‘Grandma, let’s take this house with us.’ He next  said, ‘aunty give me something to eat’ and when she offered biscuits, he refused saying he wanted only a particular brand of cream biscuits.

The third instance left the half a dozen of us more amused than disturbed. It appears when my friend  who took her four year old  grandson  to  one of her  relative’s houses, even as she was  immersed in conversation with the latter, she found the boy coughing endlessly. They soon found the reason for it—he had emptied the squash bottle placed on the dining table!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Parents, School or friends? 14/11/2011

  1. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar

    Normally parents & grandparents do not tire of praising their little ones, their precocious intellect & behaviour, ad nauseum ad infinitum. It is such a predictable behaviour that those not related to the kids have resigned themselves to tolerate this eccentricity as a matter of social courtesy. But what you are saying is so different. Talking about the embarrassing moments they had with their grand kids is very rare indeed ! It shows their dispassionate objectivity.

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